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ApoCalypso FNQ Edition

October 20th - 22nd 2023, Tablelands FNQ

Join us for a weekend of connection, learning, dancing and enhancing your education in the areas of freedom, vitality and preparedness! Let’s make the ‘Apocalypse’ fun! Learning different ways to expand your mind, maintain your health, secure your lifestyle and ensure your freedom on this wonderful planet. Live freedom and ‘prepper’ focused speakers, practical workshops, great live music and plenty of connection activities in a beautiful shady setting on the banks of the Barron River. And the image is a shout out to the Mexican ‘Dia de los Muertos’ = The Day of the Dead which is actually a celebration of the ephemeral nature of life!

Details of the event are to be found on the Eventbrite ticket page.

Meet your Guides

Tom Barnett

Tom Barnett is an Holistic Health Practitioner and photographer/videographer. He became widely known after the release of a viral video about viruses in 2020 and has since gone on to co-run The Living Free Movement. He is known for his way of teaching the principles of Natural Law and helping people break through the illusions to remember who we are. Follow him on

David Armstrong

David is a successful business owner, having founded multiple businesses in elite sports performance, sports medicine, and education sectors. He is also an accomplished adventure specialist, having led unique adventure experiences around the world including Sailing and Diving in Antarctica, Beyond Everest Base Camp, Vietnam Veterans Return Tours and multiple crossings of the Kokoda Track, but perhaps his biggest challenge came in 2020 when he was diagnosed with Cancer.
Rather than just accept the diagnosis and treatment options offered by the mainstream medical industry, David sought to find treatment answers in the alternative health space. His research led him to the creation of the HealMe, with the aim of providing information, support and guidance to those seeking alternative health information and connection with alternative health experts.

Melinda Norris

Curious and confused from the start, nothing seemed fair or right. My search for truth started early and quickly developed into question everything and doing the opposite of what was being narrated.
With a BA degree in film, I globe trotted and ocean sailed for 10 years. I never made a film but fell into live events and festivals. Real-eyes-ing the breadth, reach and power of the tribal gathering, I found a place to share my skills and develop my capacity as a change agent. Event activism was my new passion.
Add a life long obsession with sacred geometry, inventing and experimenting to the teachings of Buckminster Fuller (engineer, philosopher, futurist) I started building tiny houses as a platform and bridge where people can experience a simpler, debt free, self relying life closer to nature and to help in the letting go of the monitored and manipulated life many have defaulted too. I'm on a mission to be the best trim-tab I can be. Small movements creating massive impact.

Dale Holmes

Dale an Australian speaker that has been driven to make content after years of studying the the global cult and their agenda. He is a supporter of ritual abuse survivors as well as exposing the surface level agenda playing out currently. In Dale's words, "Humanity is in the transition phase of breaking a long held collective victim mentality that is now demanding we stand on our own two feet.. and.. to remember our own sovereignty on all levels and to start acting that out in the physical world is what we are here to do."

Tonielle Christensen (Earth Mumma)

Tonielle, aka Earth Mumma, is a permaculture educator, podcaster and plant lover who supports people to upgrade their lifestyle, grow abundantly and be a regenerative force as an earth carer. She is passionate about teaching kids and their adults, who want to get skilled in sustainability to connect, nourish and grow in tune with nature. She wrote the Incredible Edibles Tropical Superfoods Guide, and presents the Permaculture Herbalism podcast segment with The Elder Tree not-for-profit, establishing an education centre and healing sanctuary, putting the medicine in the hands of the people. Her education offerings include the Nature Kids Permaculture Program for Families which is an online homeschool curriculum, plus in-person weekend hands-on practical edible gardening and 10-day immersive retreats. Grab her book or online kitchen witching resources to attune to the moon or wheel of the year or visit her nursery of medical and culinary wonders.

Craig A. Hoy

Craig is a quantum shamanic healer, “human crystal”, entrepreneur, spirited-soul-aligned business mentor, a teacher for 25 years, artist, dad, inner and outer leader, way-shower, authentic, poet, life-lover, and humanity explorer.

Beau McCormack

Beau is a FNQ local who played an integral part in the development and success of the Far North Queensland dive and tourism sector. Beau spent 30 years running dive courses, taking people SCUBA diving and showing them the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Having spent almost as many hours under the water as above the water, Beau will be the first to tell you to "never hold your breath". Its all about flow. Inhale, exhale. Tide in tide out, day turns to night.
It was a natural progression for Beau to move into breath-work coaching.At Apocalypso - FNQ Edition, Beau will be hosting 2 morning breath-work sessions and looks forward to guiding attendees towards a clear mind, an open heart and an alkalised body. BYO mat and/or blanket, and bathers for a dip in the beautiful river Barron.

Michael Love

Michael is the embodiment of the new earth we are all creating.
From being born on a new moon, growing up with a hitman and diagnosed clinically dead twice, its safe to say that he knows how to thrive in the darkness.
In 2005 Michael was made aware of the need to physically change the way we lived and in 2013 he begun to learn about Private Structures used by high-net-worth individuals, while being mentored by an advisor to NAB bank.
Michael has consulted with supposed “experts and gurus” across Australia, UK, Canada and the U.S.A and invested tens of thousands of hours and dollars into private structures of his endeavours to create the most secure structures possible for land, life and commerce.

Gumpy Phillips

Gumpy is a prolific songwriter, performer and touring musician with various bands and collaborations in the works including Tinderbox and Savidas. He is a super funny and steadfast freedom loving man who has been consistently sharing his message with the Freedom events all throughout the last 3 years of "Plandemonium"! Gumpy will be playing music on the saturday night of Apocalypso and we hope to also extract some interesting responses during the Podcasters vs Musos - Using Your Voice panel during the event.

Blake Hudson

Man of many talents and local proponent of the visual and growing arts - Blake Hudson will be there to impart his knowledge of Permaculture design, regenerative farming and even maybe give us a little projection art or video mapped show! Over the last decade, Blake has been studying, practicing & teaching permaculture throughout Australia & internationally. Over this time he has constantly evolved his education about all aspects of regenerative land practices including broad acre regenerative farming, biodynamics, syntropics, market gardening, bio-intensive & nutrient-dense gardening.

Rebecca Steele Scott

Rebecca has been creating original events around the FNQ region since 2010, has worked at large festivals in Australia including Adelaide Fringe and Taste of Tasmania and since 2021 as the stage manager and coproducer of Anarchapulco in Mexico. She will return to her dream land of FNQ to produce this freedom focused event.

Katie Richards

Katie’s smooth poetic vocals bring life to her sass & sauce styled Indie Folk music.
Mixed in with both reggae & country licks, Katie & the band will have your audience moving with a fine festival swagger in no time, singing along as they go. The past decade Katie Richards has performed at many festivals & venues around Australia & N.Z.
Supporting big name acts such as - Gomez, Kate Miller Heidke, Toni Childs, Dragon, Thirsty Merc & Anna Coddington.

Chef John Botha

We are super excited to have an international chef coming up to make the most of our bountiful Far North ingredients! Having worked extensively in London and Europe, John is now the head chef at Hobart's top waterfront restaurant The Lounge by Frogmore Creek. He is a South African born and bred master of cuisine who still loves a good 'braai' (BBQ)! John will be providing budget priced meals for the duration of the event and we cannot wait to see what his tropical twist menu is like! Don't worry vegans - John is a vegetable maestro too!

Independent Media - North Queensland Freedom Network

Mark Batt is a former commercial TV camera man. After seeing that there many subjects ignored, mis or under reported by the 'news' - he decided to start his own channel and started interviewing people across the Far North. A straight talking family man and a heavy metal guitarist - Mark will be documenting the event and is always keen to interview those unsung heroes! Check out the North Queensland Freedom Network on Rumble, Youtube and Facebook.

Dennis O'Connor

Founder of Awakening in Health, Dennis' target is to help people realize that there are other options besides the government mandated medications and strategies. These options are natural, organic, toxin free, and start with reforming the primary machine responsible for everything including mental health, the gut. The body is an incredible and self-healing system which is often telling people that changes are necessary in order to become well.

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