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Rebecca Steele Scott

Rebecca Steele Scott is a kaleidoscope of skills and interests. Her first love was the sport of skydiving which she started when she was 20 years old. She went on to become a professional skydive videographer filming the first jumps of over 2000 people. This sport also took her around the world and to many corners of her home country of Australia. The love of filming and video editing in this so-called 'extreme' sport gave Rebecca the idea for her first event - Cairns Adventure Film Festival - which ran from 2010 to 2012 in Far North Queensland. This event began the start of Rebecca's passion for creating unique and engaging events that connect and entertain the community. Since 2010, Rebecca has written and attained multiple government grants and brokered partnerships with corporate sponsors and like minded groups. Her other events include Illuminate Cairns Projection and Lighting Festival and most recently the Tropical Steampunk series of costume, sculpture and design events.
Currently Rebecca is stage and nightlife manager at the international event Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico. She has honed her skills as an online event host, a visual artist, MC and stage manager at this diverse blended event. In 2023, Rebecca will also be the MC for Mariposa Freedom Festival in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and host of the online summits called The Non Conformist Series.

Rebecca's Creations

Steele Sessions Projection Art

Having spent years promoting the art and creations of others, Rebecca has now started her own creative journey by branching into the wonders of Projection Art and VJ'ing under the moniker Steele Sessions. Initially learning at a packed season of outdoor electronic music festivals in 2021 - under the tutelage of prominent Far North Queensland artist Blake Hudson. Steele Sessions is interested in creating atmospheric, uplifting and thought provoking projection art with a curiosity about the effect different hues, patterns and tones have on the audience.
Since 2021, Rebecca has produced projection art at Anarchapulco twice and VJ'ed at Space Xmas, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico; Vegas Skyfamily Reunion, Las Vegas, USA; Flotefest, Texas, USA and Galactivate Festival, Utah, USA!


Sacred Path Remote Energy Healing

In 2016 Rebecca started her true awakening to the flow of energy when she attended a course from her consciousness mentor Cory Michelle who introduced her to respected US energy healer William Lewis whom she was one of the first group of graduates in his Sacred Path Healing program. A Sacred Path Healing session involves the delivery of energy to the participant to areas in need with Rebecca being the conduit, catalyst and facilitator of this flow. The sessions can be used for resolving or transmuting stuck patterns (whether physical, mental and emotional) and are a gentle non invasive way of allowing the receiver to move to place where they can heal.
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Rebecca is amazing! I was feeling a bit scattered and run down when I booked my session with Rebecca. I was dealing with the fallout from family drama and just felt attacked and depleted. I spent the session drifting in and out of sleep, with some pretty interesting images popping up. I felt way more relaxed and at ease after the session. The most surprising result? The family member causing most of the drama called to apologize and express love for me! Totally not what I expected, and I do truly believe it was working with Rebecca that shifted so much! I highly recommend a session with her!

Victoria Longo, Brooklyn, NYC

I don't know exactly what Rebecca is doing when she tells me we are starting, all I know is what happens when I close my eyes and the effects after she is done.
I get massive downloads for the topic I am focused on. I get insights through pictures and knowings clearer than I ever get meditating alone. I can feel a visceral shift in my body while she works.
The after results are just as magnificent. I am able to move through the action aspect of the shift without hesitation. The living out what has shifted is with a level of ease without comparison. I don't have to "decide ' to do the "thing" it is just a natural inclination that it is what I'm going to do.
The love and support I feel from her as we work together is deeper than I have experienced with any other practitioner I have worked with. I will forever be grateful for the contribution she provides for me and my expansion.

Lorene, Idaho, USA

A few weeks ago I had an online healing session of Rebecca. At that moment I was in a very emotional state and was experiencing grief. I did not know what to expect of the healing, but I trusted Rebecca’s kindness and her solid peace she have in hear voice. After the session I felt more calm and a deep trust in me, what wasn’t before the session. And somehow I knew what ever will come, I will have the strength to pursue forward, because I also knew there are a lot of conscious beings supporting me.

Sendy H., The Hague, Netherlands
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